Fly Fishing the Hiwassee

In this video I head to East Tennessee to fish the Hiwassee River with some old friends and former guide partners Gary Taylor and Tony Wilson.  Gary’s wife Wanda set this trip up to celebrate Gary’s birthday.



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  1. Carl! BIG WOW!

    Sorry for the delay in response but I’ve been back on the Hi with staff from TFO Dallas and just received your email.
    Gary, in the interim, told me about your video Friday night at the cabin on the river with tears in his eyes. You have touched him in a very deep place with it’s message and gift. Thank you for that my friend. It’s very obvious viewing it, from my
    perspective, of the great love of the fly, fish, brotherhood and river that you three have shared and still share
    with one another. Few men on this planet are every so fortunate to share such oneness of spirit and heart. I feel most honored to have been a witness and can testify of God’s cool workings in all 3 of your lives.

    Thank you for your incredible gift, Carl! As Dean Tullock of Hiwassee Angler put it after watching your video, ” That Carl has a “Gift”. Continue using that gift where ever he leads you brother……..

    Speechless for once ;-()
    Always your fan,

    • Thanks Wanda! I had a great time with you guys as always! I am so thankful for the influence y’all have had on my life for so many years. I long to see the Hi return to what it once was. Hopefully we can get that done.

  2. Carl,
    I know Gary of course and had the good fortune to meet Tony Tatt (tattoo) and hope to meet you some day. I had already heard from Gary the effect it had on him and when I watched it with Wanda it gave me chill bumps. I hope the message you sent will be viewed by many and most importantly be productive.
    Until then,
    Temple Fork Fly Rods

  3. Awesome video Carl. Great to see all of you fishing together again.

  4. Carl, I don’t think we have ever met, but the other three people in this video are very dear to me. Gary and I went to high school together and through him I met his beautiful wife Wanda. Tony is my adopted little brother (not actually) and I have spent many hours watching the beautiful ballet performed by these three on the water. Thanks for sharing the video, I too had tears in my eyes. The Hiwassee is such a special place and these are such special people. God has truly blessed me with allowing me to know them all and to know them in this special place. I know this was several years ago, but I just discovered it through Gary’s facebook. Happy fishing! Sherry Sparks

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