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The first week of school is behind us, and I must say that it went great! Thank you Trinity parents for the work that you put into preparing your kids for a successful transition back to school.

You have probably heard me say before that it is easy to see the great things that our kids do, but it’s the less visible things that are really incredible. Soccer victories, musical accomplishments, academic successes, honors chapel, and so many other things are wonderful, but the things that are really amazing are often the little things that occur within the classrooms and in the hallways. As Mrs. Mayfield said to me last year, “Miracles happen at this school.” I could go on and on, but let me give you an example of one of those little things that means so much.

This year many of the kids have started doing something on their own that has been a real blessing to the teachers. It’s one of those things that a teacher could never “make” a student do sincerely, but is a real reflection of the culture of our school.

It all started when a sixth grader swung by Mrs. Carpenter’s desk after class and said, “Thank you Mrs. Carpenter.” Another student walked by, “Thank you Mrs. Carpenter.” Then another, and another. Before long almost the entire class had thanked their teacher as they left the classroom. The next day another grade did the same thing. Then the kids in my science class did it on their way out. I heard them thanking another teacher after class a couple days later.

I cannot even begin to describe what a tremendous encouragement it is to have a class full of students parade by and say, “Thank you” on their way out the door. This is Trinity.

These are great kids, and I am so thankful for them. I do believe that both the teachers and the students have set a positive tone for the year. Thank you moms, dads, and grandparents for your work with them.


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  1. Carl, that blog about the students thanking the teachers brought tears to my eyes.. Good and better things are happening at Trinity.

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