Trinity Varsity Wins Second Tournament

Well, I never really meant for this to be a soccer blog, but our boys keep winning games and giving me something to write about, so I guess I’ll go with it!


Trinity’s varsity won their second tournament this past weekend. Eight private schools faced off at Central Christian near Macon once again, and once again Trinity came away with top honors. Trinity won both of the two games they played on Friday, 3-1. Winston Durbin, James Hayley, Adam Weissinger, and Harrison Godwin were all responsible for getting the ball past the keeper. The opposing teams took 17 shots at Trinity’s goal, but Trinity’s Trevvor Vordenbaum only allowed 2 to get by him.

Trinity returned to the field on Saturday to defeat Georgia Christian 5-0, with points earned by Harrison Godwin, Adam Weissinger, and James Hayley.


Not only were our boys victorious, but they portrayed an excellent Christian witness as well. When two different coaches asked Coach Hayley why our boys were so successful he told them that the key was daily Bible reading and a weekly Bible study together.

Trinity’s varsity record is now 8 wins, no losses, and 1 tie.


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