A Band of Brothers

But know that the Lord has set apart him that is godly for himself. Psalm 4:3a

Last Thursday night was “senior night” at Coach Hayley’s house. The seniors, their families and fellow varsity and JV players gathered for fun, food, and Bible study as they do every Thursday night at the Hayley’s. This week though, the seniors took the floor for a time of testimony. Each boy shared his heart as to what the soccer program, Coach Hayley, and their fellow teammates have meant to them through the years. Many of these boys have been playing under coach Hayley since they were six or seven years old. It was an amazing experience for me to hear Coach Hayley describe each boy by his fruits of the spirit, and to hear each of them testify as well. These are very tough, strong, athletic young men who love the Lord. Some of us dad’s commented to each other afterwards what an encouragement it is to us to see such good examples for our own younger boys as well.

Please continue to pray for these boys and their varsity teammates as they finish out their season and their high school career of playing together. Next week they will travel to the national championship tournament. It has been quite a year for them, filled with highs and lows. They have suffered injuries, and a car wreck that took the life of one of their friends. They have had to keep up with the rigorous academic demands of Trinity. They have had a full season of games and currently have a 20-4-2 record. In addition they have coached the K-6th grade C-Team soccer players twice a week. Many of them are also involved in their churches, band, and other extracurricular activities, and still manage to score over 30 on their ACT’s. This is quite a group of guys.


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  1. once again your blog brought tears to my eyes. Thankful Oliver is with that group.

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