Trinity Wins Second Place at Nationals

Your 2nd Place National Winners!

It was a test of endurance for the Eagles today as they faced the Hickory Knights from North Carolina for first place in the Division 2 NACA National championship. Rain, hail, and gusting wind could not drive away the fans who came to cheer on their boys. It was a hard fought game for both teams, physical and strategic. Late in the first half the Knights got a corner kick, and Trinity was unable to keep it out of the box.

Refueled by the goal, the Knights spent the rest of the game amping up their defense to thwart any effort to tie the game. As the final whistle blew, the score remained Knights 1, Trinity Eagles 0.

Let’s wish a congratulations to our varsity boys for a remarkable season, being a formidable force at Nationals, and representing our school, their families, and Christ’s church so well throughout the season. The Eagles final record for the season is 24 wins, 5 losses, and two ties.

Finally, a note of special recognition to this year’s seniors: James Hayley, Adam Weissinger, Chase Golden, Gray Goodner, Nicholas Mills, Justin Hale, Harrison Godwin, Matt Gaught, and Gary Durbin. We love you guys. Thanks for some great soccer!


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