I have been impressed today to write about discontentment. Perhaps because I have been afflicted with shingles for the past week. Paul wrote about the thorn in his flesh, and about finding away to be content in every situation. That has been on my mind. Perhaps someone else just needs to be reminded.

Discontentment is a sin that we are all subject to, and that we must all fight against, and pray that by God’s grace we will be delivered from. Of course I am not just talking about illness or wellness here.

It is especially tempting to be discontent because it is one of those sins that, like lust for example, do not seem to have an immediate consequence. It is like a slow-working cancer that is destructive in the sense that it opens the door for other sins to enter into our lives. Jealousy and covetousness are two immediate ones, but there are others too.

One thing that comes to mind is that people who are discontent will almost without fail align themselves with other people that are discontent. If they can find someone who is discontent about the very thing that they are discontent about, so much the better! The old adage “misery loves company” has been around for a long time, and for good reason.  And so we go about looking for fellow long faces, and soon we find that it is not difficult to find someone to commiserate with. If we verbalize our grumblings long enough or loud enough, I dare say we could find a hundred other people miserable about the same thing we are miserable about, thereby justifying our own discontent and miserableness. Since discontentment is definitely not OK in the eyes of the Lord (anyone with even the most basic knowledge of the repercussions of Israel’s grumblings should see that this is displeasing to God, to say the least. Anyone with the most basic knowledge of Paul’s writings can see the directive that Christ gives for contentment), we should not rush to align ourselves with fools. In fact, aligning ourselves with fellow grumblers is perhaps the most destructive part of indulging this sin, for soon we are trusting more in the fools (those seeking misery) than in the righteous (those seeking the peace of God).

Let’s pray that as the body of Christ we receive God’s grace to do all things without grumbling and disputing ,so that we may increase His Kingdom and spread his fame and glory throughout the earth. (Phil. 2:14)




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  1. Carl, another reminder of how among Dad’s last words to me were be careful of not being around negative people, guess that is why God has placed me among all these todlers.

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