My Two Wings to Play at Expo

Everybody is dying to hear high school science teacher Mr. Myles band ‘My Two Wings’ play. Fortunately for us, they have agreed to play a set at the expo. For those of you who do not know about his band, My Two Wings formed in 2008 as a one man show featuring Jon Myles.  Since then members have been added and the band has featured a variety of guest appearances.  The current line up is Jon Myles, Tyler Gates, JW Woodard, and Bryant Hains.  My Two Wings focuses mostly on original music but can also be heard playing covers ranging from Elvis to the White stripes.  The sound is a blend of bluegrass and folk with rock and roll roots.  The band has two cds out, the first a self titled ep released in 2008 and the second, the full length album Typhoid Mary released in January of 2011.  My Two Wings can be seen at art events, local festivals, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.   Audio clips can be heard on or and the new album is available on Amazon and iTunes.



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