The cast and crew of the TCS 2011 drama production "A Turn for the Nurse"

Thank you to Miss Ballard, Mrs. Mayfield, and the cast and crew of this year’s high school play, A Turn for the Nurse. The set, the script, the actors, the backstage, lighting, and technical crew – EVERYTHING was perfect. Special thanks to Chip Mayfield for the engineering and construction of the set. It was amazing – right down to the exploding safe! (Which was “safe for us – but not safe for the safe.”) All four performances were hilarious and everything was well-done.

I was very happy to hear comments from people who had never seen a Trinity drama production before. Many people were surprised that so much talent could come from our school. Other people commented that it was more confirmation that TCS is committed to quality. A mother of one of our seniors told me that their family felt that a great benefit of Trinity’s small size was the fact that students are able to participate, develop skills, and shine in areas that they would probably never actually have the opportunity to do in a large public school.

Congratulations to all of you for a job very well done! We are proud of you all and thankful for all of your hard work.

One happy cast








"Come on Jane, let's move it!"

"And you looked so silly wrestling her off your shoulders. Confound it! Unhand me!"


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