Workshop Topics for Expo

Time of 


Name of Workshop Presenter Location
10:00 Fly Casting 101 Roy Ollinger Grass behind Blue & White tent
11:00 Fire Ant Control Dr. Fudd Graham Blue & White Tent
11:30 Backyard Wildlife:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dr. Jim Armstrong Blue & White Tent
12:00 Falconry Workshop Mast Falconer Roy Crowe Blue & White Tent
1:00 Fly Casting 101 Roy Ollinger Grass behind Blue & White Tent
1:30 – 2:00 Pond Management Dr. Rusty Wright Blue & White Tent
All day workshops Deer Management Pete Acker Exhibit Area
All day workshops Weird & Wiggly Lindsey Adams Exhibit Area
All day workshops Backyard Poultry Dr. Joseph Hess and 

Dr. Ken Macklin

Exhibit area
All day workshops Using Edible Plants 

In Perennial Gardening

Kimberly Sotelo 

The White Lotus Health and Wellness Center


Wise Stewardship of Land and Water – We are pleased to have Alabama water watch join us as an exhibitor for our event. Eric Reutebuch has been kind enough to conduct presentations for Trinity students in the past and we are honored to have him do workshops ways to save money and be responsible users of our water resources. (All day exhibit)

Pond Management –Best practices to produce great fishing in small ponds.  Dr. Rusty Wright will share his expertise on pond management in the south. Dr. Wright is an associate professor and extension specialist at Auburn University’s fisheries department and has been at Auburn University for 13 years. (This workshop will be 30-45 minutes in length and will include an opportunity for Q&A.)

Falconry Workshop – Learn about the history and culture of falconry as well as training techniques. This workshop will be presented by Master Falconer Roy Crowe who has more than 30 years of experience in falconry. Roy has trained most of the American birds of prey for falconry and has an eagle falconry permit. Roy first flew the eagle for Auburn University in 2000 and has worked as Auburn’s eagle consultant since 2003. (This workshop will be 30 minutes in length and will include an opportunity for Q&A.)

Weird and Wiggly – Auburn University graduate student Lindsey Adams is a zoology student and volunteer at AU’s Natural History Museum. Although she herself is not weird and wiggly, many of her friends are. Lindsey will be exhibiting a number of snakes and lizards at the expo, will present interesting facts about herps, and will even have some herps that can be handled. (All day exhibit)

Deer Management – Pete Acker is a graduate student in the school of forestry and wildlife science at AU’s deer research facility. Pete will discuss various topics relating to deer herd management in Alabama. Topics are to include food plot strategies, growing bigger bucks, the January rut, and hot topics like genetic culling. (All day exhibit)

Fly Casting 101 – Fly fishing is not so complicated if you have a pro to teach you how it’s done! Learn the basics of fly casting with Callaway Gardens guide and Federation of Fly Fishers certified casting instructor, Roy Ollinger.

Mixed Martial Arts – Randall Phillips and others will demonstrate drills and techniques such as Judo throws, wrestling takedowns, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defense moves in this all-day exhibit.

Fire Ant Control – Ever since their accidental introduction into the United States, fire ants have been the bane of most southerner’s existence. It only takes one bite to remind us what a nuisance these invasive creatures are. Entomologist Dr. Fudd Graham will present a workshop on how to control fire ants. (30 minute presentation)

Backyard Wildlife: The good, the bad, and the ugly. AU’s very own Dr, Jim Armstrong will present a workshop on backyard wildlife. How to attract the wildlife you want and deal with the wildlife you don’t want. (30 minute presentation)


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  1. Kenzie, I am so proud of you not just for this blog but because you live it.

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