Outdoor Expo

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere and heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who participated in making the Outdoor Expo, Fun Run, and Auction the success that it was. From the day-of volunteers, to the coordinators, to the bidders, to all who came out and made the day so much fun – thank you!

Over the past several days I have received several emails, phone calls, and visits from people who wanted to extend compliments and sentiments of congratulations on the day. I want to pass all of those those along to all of you. We as a school have never taken on an event quite like this before, and it truly would not have been possible without all of your contributions. Your support of the event and of the school is encouraging to many.

When the committee began planning this event, there were three objectives in mind. The first was to partner with another organization and give something back to the community. That goal was accomplished through the Alabama Wildlife Federation by pledging to share some of the auction proceeds with the Outdoor Classroom Project in Lee County. The second goal was to increase the community’s awareness of the school. That goal was accomplished by several means. Finally this event was to serve as a fundraiser for the school. I am pleased to say that through a combination of auction items and charitable gifts, $25,035 was raised.

I am regularly humbled and amazed by the generosity of many Trinity families and friends in supporting the school. Every year many projects, both small and large, are funded through charitable gifts. From donations for the computer lab, science lab, van, archery equipment, drama program needs, athletic program needs, classroom needs, to financial gifts to the annual fund, it is the willingness of TCS families and friends to give that makes our school prosper, thrive, and accomplish its mission. Thank you.

Besides those three objectives, a fourth, and possibly greater unintended consequence was realized. That is, the satisfaction and blessing of working together. I cannot begin to convey to you what a great time we had organizing and executing the Outdoor Expo, Fun Run, and Auction. Make no mistake, it was a huge commitment. The work was hard, time consuming, intense, intrusive, and sometimes stressful. Yet, all who were involved say that they are amazed at how fun, satisfying, and encouraging it was at the same time. Over and over again, those working on it have thanked me for asking them to participate! I want to extend a special thanks to the core of people who worked together so diligently and graciously over several months. Glenn Leuenberger, Chuck Hawkins, Chip Grouby, Kathy Humphrey, Roger and Gail Lien, Tim and Genera Walker, and especially Nia Denham and Lelsie Parsons (three cheers please). Thank you also to everyone who responded to the call to volunteer on the day of the expo.

In a post-event meeting we have decided enthusiastically to make this an annual event. Several ideas for improvement have been discussed, and we are already on our way in planning for next year. I would like to encourage you to think about getting involved. There are many opportunities to serve, and with a year under our belts we have a better idea of how to match gifts and talents with needs. If you can make yourself available I can assure you an opportunity that is both challenging and rewarding beyond measure.

Thank you all again for your faith in and support of Trinity Christian School.

Edit: 11:32 PM- Today I became aware of a  $10,000 designated gift to the school that raised the amount of the fundraising effort to $35,035!


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