Kenzie’s First Riding Show

Yesterday was a really fun day. My daughter rode in her first English style competition. She has been taking lessons for about a year now. She loves it and seems to be doing really well. In her debut show she came away with three first place ribbons and a second.

Her teacher is Stephanie Counts who owns Silver Lining equestrian center. Stephanie is a fantastic teacher and all-around great person. She has been a real encouragement and friend to McKenzie. We are thankful for her. She gives lessons to anyone from 5 years old up through adulthood.

Here is a short video I made from the day. Also featured here is another Trinity student, Lauren who is much younger than Kenz but has been riding a lot longer.

This video was shot using a Canon HV30 and a wide angle lens with no filters. I fooled around with the look of this footage, shooting and editing in 24 frame per second (slow) speed to soften the images to try to achieve a film look. I didn’t quite accomplish what I was going for but it turned out OK. Enjoy!


Posted on May 22, 2011, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Janine Babbitt

    Awesome, Kenzers! You look like such a professional! Can’t wait to watch you sometime in person!

  2. Sharon Miller

    Well done, McKenzie and Lauren!

  3. McKenzie you are a beautiful equestrian.So proud of you!!

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