Another “Back to School” Article

“There’s 40 years of data showing that increased spending on education has not moved the dial on average student achievement. Yet our behavior has been that if we just put more money into schools they’ll improve.” (Excerpt from article linked below)

“Neal McCluskey of the libertarian Cato Institute has documented the inefficacy of federal spending on K-12 education, which rose 133 percent from 1970 to 2006. Total real spending per pupil (counting all sources of money) rose 122 percent, from $5,593 to $12,463. Yet, since the early ’70s the scores of 17-year-olds on the National Assessment of Educational Progress—often called “The Nation’s Report Card”—are virtually unchanged.” (Excerpt from article linked below)

Wow! World Mag is on fire. Right on the money with this article MONEY FOR NOTHING





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