Dear TCS Families and Supporters,

We have had a fantastic response to our request for volunteers to work the concessions booths at Jordan-Hare. We have more than enough volunteers for some games and only need a few more for the Iron Bowl. I am so pleased to see our family coming together across virtually all grades. Thank you all so much for your willingness to serve at the remaining AU football games and for the offers that have been made to give and serve in other ways as well. Your support of the ministry of Trinity Christian School is both encouraging and overwhelming. As I have contact with administrators and families at other Christian schools I cannot help but feel incredibly blessed that Trinity continues to move forward in this difficult economy while so many other schools have seen enrollment drops up to 50%. I pray that this opportunity will be one that honors God, bringing attention to His Kingdom on earth and the valuable work that Trinity does in our community. The many achievements of our students, families, and faculty are a result of God’s grace and the support of families like yours. I pray that your service will return blessing after blessing to you and your household.

We have decided that the proceeds from these events will be split among different programs at the school according to needs: the band, the music program, a banquet to honor the seniors in the spring, a semi-annual Washington DC trip, and the annual fund, which benefits the whole school and helps us to keep tuition costs to a minimum ( If we decide to commit to doing this again next year, we will be able to expand the benefits to other areas like athletics.

A follow-up email is on the way for those of you who have volunteered that provides more details about our responsibilities for the upcoming games.

Thank you once again. We all look forward to the opportunity to share in the common fellowship of the “Trinity Family”. Have a great weekend!

In His service,

Carl Warmouth


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