Commotosh Project: Part 3 Case Mods

After getting into the guts of the C64 and the 1541 floppy drive, I have come to the conclusion that the floppy drive case is a better choice to build in than the actual C64 case. I just don’t think there is enough room in the C64 case to house everything I want to put in there. I’ll still use it for the keyboard and a backup drive, but the actual computer will reside in the 1541 floppy case. Amazingly, the floppy case seems like it is almost made to house PC parts. Even the floppy bay, with little modification is the perfect size, shape, and in just the right spot to house a slot load CD/DVD drive! Just imagine how cool (in the nerdiest sense of the word) it will be to slip a DVD into the slot where floppys used to go.

Using old parts I had in the garage, I mocked up a prototype of how everything (minus the motherboard , CPU, and CPU cooler) will pack in. The internal case mods are mostly done, but I need to wait until I get the motherboard to finish them up.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

A few more unnecessary pulleys and wheels removed.

Almost ready for the optical disc drive.

Can you say upgrade? A brand new Sony Optiarc slot load optical drive in a nearly 30 year old bay that was once a state of the art floppy drive. Wow. Cool if I do say so myself.

Here we go. A mock-up of what is to come. Notice the DVD sliding into the old floppy slot. Love it!

Here you can see our little stack of hardware. On the very bottom is a 2.5" hard drive (this will be where the solid state drive will reside. On top of that is the CD/DVD drive, and at the very top is a 3.5" hard drive (this will be where the 2TB HDD will reside. A few custom made brackets hold it all in place.


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  1. Are you speaking a foreign language? Where did you learn it all?

  2. Hey there, your 1541 PC is coming along quite nicely. Look forward to seeing more pictures.

    Kind regards


  3. Thank you Stiggy. Hey, I just checked out your blog and see that you built a PC in a C64. Nice job! Kudos for keeping the original keyboard. Does Keyrah work well with Windows? How do key commands translate with the fewer keys of the C64?

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