Humble Beginnings

When Janine and the kids and I rolled into Moscow, Idaho yesterday afternoon the first thing that hit us was just how small this town is. I had unconsciously formed an image in my mind of what the town that Doug and Nancy Wilson, New Saint Andrews College, Logos School, the University of Idaho, and several other recent claims to fame called home would look like. It was not this.

David and Goliath. The twelve apostles. The fishes and loaves. A tiny baby born in a lowly manger. These were the immediate corollaries that popped into my mind. Amazing things that have and are impacting the world are coming out of this little town. The birth and success of Classical Christian education, which has come to include more that 500 schools in the U.S. alone, New Saint Andrews College, New York Times Best Sellers like the 100 Cupboards series, and The Ashtown Burials series and films like Collision and Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl that set the bar higher for Christian cinema all have stemma in Moscow. There are blogs originating from Moscow that intellectually and spiritually challenge men and encourage and teach women across the globe. Dozens of books on education, parenting, marriage, and Christian living have found their way out of Moscow and into the hands of readers from around the world. Even the actor who had the leading role in Steven Speilberg’s blockbuster movie Super 8 is a student at Logos School.

Most, if not all of these things can be traced back to one man: Doug Wilson.

It’s exciting to be here and even more exciting to consider the potential world-wide impact that one person can have.


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