Yesterday’s Fun

As much fun as it was going to Universal Studios last weekend, yesterday blew it away. Janine and I had the run of Logos school and were given the liberty to observe any class we wanted to and to come and go at will. 

It was great!

Janine spent the entire morning observing the kindergarten class, and even had the opportunity to participate in assisting the teacher in reading groups. After lunch she observed the first and second grade classes and music.

I spent the morning in several classes, including the third grade class where I had a few minutes to tell the kids about Alabama (they were oohing and ahhing about weather in the 70s right now and blooming azaleas and dogwoods while I was oohing and ahhinh about their snow covered mountain peaks). And what a privilege to sit in Nancy Wilson’s American Lit class, Becca Merkle’s Classical Lit class, Jim Nance’s Logic class and others. Before lunch I got to sit down with Matt Whitling to discuss the various behind the scenes aspects running a school.

After 12 years of developing a love and passion for classical Christian education, reading, studying, attending conferences, practicing, training, observing, discussing, and putting it into practice at Trinity, it was so nice to visit the place that started it all.

Today we head to New Saint Andrews to begin our prospective student visit there.



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