New Saint Andrews College

Well, we all have to get up at 3:30 AM to catch our plane back to Atlanta, but I thought I’d post one more quick entry for everyone who has been saying “we can’t wait to hear all about it”.

NSA was great. I do not even know where to begin. Perhaps I could start by saying it exceeded our expectations, or at least by saying it was exactly what we expected it to be, with no disappointments.

We had, of course spent the past few years learning about this small, academically rigorous, spiritually disciplined, classical Christian college. Janine and I were 95% sure it would be a good match for our daughter. McKenzie was probably 75% sure she would like it. After sitting in classes, speaking with several students, meeting with professors and other staff members, attending a disputatio, watching the hilarious and impressive annual NSA talent show (dubbed the Andies), and hanging out at Bucer’s (the local coffeehouse inhabited by NSA students) we are at least 99% sure that this is where McK will be spending her college years, although we will continue to pray about that. NSA is the perfect place for a classical Christian education student (like TCS students) to further develop what they already have. I cannot possibly find the words to write about it, but would love to share our experience with anyone interested. It is a pretty special place.

As an added bonus we attended Christ Church Sunday morning, but Janine and McKenzie got very little from Doug Wilson’s sermon because we ended up sitting right behind Nate and his wife, Beckah and her husband, Rachel and her husband and all 15 of Doug and Nancy’s grandchildren. My girls were a little preoccupied with all of them. After church we were invited to have lunch with Jim Nance and his family and we spent the afternoon with them at their house. That was a real treat and was especially fun as his four kids are either NSA students or Logos school students.

All in all, a fantastic trip to the birthplace of classical Christian education.


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