Commotosh Part 6: Final Fitting and Keyboard Decision

ImageAfter considerable measuring, figuring, reasoning, and research I have settled on using an Apple bluetooth keyboard for the Commotosh. A few more case mods were necessary to fit the keyboard, to make room for all the ports in the back, and to get the top and bottom cases to fit together fully closed. Now everything is finally assembled, except for the power button, system reset, and LED lights. There were some open spaces along the side of the case where the old C64 ports were located and in the top case where the original keyboard extended out farther than the Apple keyboard does, You can see in the pics that I constructed some custom vents that match the case pretty well. In fact, I think that they even look like they were there from the factory. These vents, along with the ones that were already in the case should make for good airflow and a cool running machine. The CPU fan sits right under the top vents. Things are finally coming together and I should be ready to begin the hack soon. The initial process has already begun. I bought an 8GB thumb drive, and made a bootable usb drive out of it by created a partition on it, formatting it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) disc, and installing UniBeast from the tonymac web site. I have purchased a legal copy of OSX Lion and installed it on a thumb drive as well.


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