ACT Test Results

Dear Trinity Family,

Recently I received our High School ACT Profile Report from ACT Inc. This document reports the achievement of our prior year graduates on the ACT as well as the trend of our graduates over a five year period of time. It provides an indication of the extent to which they are prepared for college-level work.

To be clear upfront, TCS is not a standardized test based school and we see these test results as only a partial indicator of the quality of education. There are many other factors besides standardized test scores that play an even greater role in the assesment of excellent education. But those things are for another time.

This year’s test results confirm that  God continues to bless the students, faculty, and covenant families at Trinity Christian School in this area.

In terms of college readiness, the report indicated that TCS students have been doing very well! It showed that the percentage of TCS students who are likely to earn a B or better in college-level coursework is more than three times higher than the studnets tested in state schools. This data was obtained by comparing the composite score average of TCS students with the composite score average of the state students. The specific areas tested are College English Composition, College Algebra, College Social Science, and College Biology. In virtually every area of the test Trinity students surpassed the benchmarks for likelihood of scoring a B or better in first year college courses by as much as 9 points!

What’s more, the scores indicate an upward trend over the past five years. To be more specific, the average English, Math, and Reading test scores have jumped 5 points since 2007, increasing each year. Science scores have not increased as consistently but have risen almost 5 points between one testing period (other years the test scores have been the same between testing periods). Meanwhile, since 2008 the state school’s test scores have decreased slightly in English and Reading and have increased by a tenth of a point in Math and stayed the same in Science.

Compared to the state schools, last year’s Trinity senior’s score averages are almost 9 points higher in English, 5 points higher in Math, 8 points higher in Reading, and almost 6 points higher in Science.

Please continue to join me in praise for God’s faithfulness to our children and to the ministry of Trinity Christian School.


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