Stolen Drift Boat

Here are photos of the driftboat that I have had stolen for those of you across the internet who are helping me find it. After posting this on a few sites yesterday I have had over 600 responses from about 10 states. It has gone all over facebook and the internet. Thank you!! These photos show some of the unique features of the boat that make it easy to identify against production boats. This boat and trailer is a one-of-a-kind, hand made original that my dad and I built in 1995. You can read the full story here:

This was the color scheme on the boat when stolen. It also said “” in white letters inside the blue stripe. (A dead link now)

Here is a picture of the rowing seat and storage box.

Here is a good view of the trailer without the boat on it. Huge expanded metal steps, a square tube axle, and automobile hubs set it apart from regular production driftboat trailers.

A photo of the front casting deck and a knee lock. The deck is shorter than most other boats and has a built in storage compartment.

Another view of the front casting deck and knee locks.


And here is the story that I have put on a few fly fishing websites. Thank you to all who have offered your help.

I recently had my McKenzie style driftboat stolen and am desperate to recover it.
It was stolen from Callaway Gardens and was last seen being towed behind a small white pickup on October 2, 2012. This boat and trailer are very, very special to me as they are one-of-a-kind hand-built originals. At first glance it looks like a wooden boat because it has wooden gunnels but it is actually fiberglass. I have a very strong sentimental attachment to this boat and trailer because I built it with my dad way back in 1995. It was the last project that he and I did together before he passed away. My hope was to share many days fly fishing with my 13 year old son in it and pass it along to him someday.
Those who are familiar with the different brands of driftboats will recognize that it is a little different than any of them. The boat is 15’ 10” stem to stern and 54” wide on the bottom. The interior is laid out to put the maximum amount of distance between the two anglers. It has a shorter front casting deck than most and more distance between the oarsman and the front caster. When it was stolen it was white and royal blue and had “Coosa River Drifters” in white letters along the sides, although that can be easily changed. It has a small storage opening in the front deck, level non-skid floors, a storage box under the rowing seat, wooden gunnels, a foot release anchor system, two drain plugs in the transom, and a drain plug under the rowing seat. The front seat pedestal is fiberglass and looks exactly like an upside down Rubbermaid container because that is what I used for a mold. It had grey and blue seats when stolen. There are lots of scratches and gouges in the chines and bottom from many years of scraping rocks. The floors have a rougher texture than most boats. The rowing seat rests on two shelves that run along the inside of the boat, and those shelves have little compartments to keep accessories in.
The trailer looks like a standard driftboat trailer except that it has a square tube axle and bolt-on rotors from an automobile. The full length roller across the back is larger in diameter than most and was a roller from a conveyer of some sort. The trailer was in grey primer when stolen.
You can read more about how and why I built the boat at…g-stuff-boats/ and see a video with several pictures and scenes of it at…e-coosa-river/. If anyone has any information about this boat, if you see it on the river or for sale somewhere, or see it being towed, PLEASE pass along any information you may have (tag # etc). I will grant total amnesty just to get it back. You can call me at work at three three four, seven four five, two four six four or text or call me at three three four, seven zero five, zero eight eight eight.


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  1. Carl I am so sorry. I know how much you loved that drift boat. If i hear anything i will let you know

  2. Carl…this is not right!!! Praying vengeance
    from The Boss!:-)

  3. Thank you, my dear. Pray for repentance first, then vengeance! Give my best to your honey! Miss you guys lots!

  4. Here are a few of the comments that have been posted across the internet. If you are a fly fisherman, guide, shuttle runner, whitewater paddler, etc, please continue to help me distribute the word.
    Carl, I just put your story up on our Face Book page. Hope it helps track your boat down.

    All FLFA members have gotten an email with your post. I sure hope you find your boat soon. What a treasure!

    I would hope folks affiliated with other message boards would post this throughout the US so no matter where they go, somebody notices.

    Anytime a new drift boat shows up people notice. And that one is pretty unique. The cutout cupholder, the retangular cubby holes, etc.

    That’s terrible. Best of luck.

    Carl, I understand the sentimental connection with your late father. I’ll be praying your boat is recovered undamaged. The thief doesn’t get that much consideration.

    i forwarded this thread to a guide friend of mine, hope he will pass it around and somebody will notice the boat on some river somewhere. The boat is very unique and is very noticeable to the eye so it should turn up if the word gets out.

    Carl……if it shows up on the Tuckasegee River…..I’ll know it. I fell in love with that boat when you used to store it under the railroad trestle at Hiwassee Outfitters.
    It’s kinda like stealing the Mona Lisa…’ve got a nice painting but you can’t show it or sell it to anybody lest you get busted. I have a feeling this one will show up eventually.

    Keepin’ an eye out fer it on the ‘Hooch also too. However, if’n I run acrosst it firstest, I cain’t guarantee that the blue flecks on the decks won’t be joined by a few extra red (or oxidized red) flecks depending on how quickly we get it back to you after finding it. I really, really, really do NOT like thieves! (Partick’lerly boat thieves.) I do promise you, however, that whilst there may be a significant amount of color changing to the interior flecks, you need not worry ’bout enny 7.62mm holes ackshully appearin’ in your boat. We rednecks pride ourse’fs on accuracy.
    Seriously, though. . . the word is out, along with many of your photos. I hope she turns up soon, brother. I have little doubt that she mos’ def’nitely will turn up, though.

    I made a copy of the web page (several) to remind me to mention this. What a bummer! A boat with a history like that can’t be replaced. I feel bad for Carl.

    Shame on those who stole it I daren’t think they’re flyfishermen Hope you’ll get it back.

    Always someone out there who wants something without working for it. Keep a daily check on for your state and surrounding states. They like to steal and sell on craigslist. It will take some time each day to review craigslist but may pan out. Two other websites to watch are and
    Good luck getting it back and keep us posted.

    I hope you recover the boat, good luck! Sorry to hear of the hopefully temporary loss!
    Sorry to hear that you lost a boat like that. Like the others have said, it will probably pop up on CraigsList, use this site to search for drift boats.
    All of Craigslist

    Bad news about your Special Driftboat,I get annoyed as there’s always some Scumbag out there who Steals just about anything whether it’s locked up or not.
    The one thing in your Favour is it’s an item well sought after,however theives & others who are out to make money aren’t stupid,more than likely they have really checked you out.I hope you find your Boat as from what you have said it’s quite special, something that just can’t be bought off the Floor.

    sorry to hear about your boat. i am in tennessee, getting to be a lot of drift boats up here, will keep an eye out–

    Sorry to hear this. Hope you get it back.

    Man that’s just a damn shame. Sorry to hear that.

    Welcome to the forum, very sorry to hear about your boat. Here’s hoping it finds its way back to you.

    wow what a shame! i hope you get it back and the jerk who stole it gets their due

    Sorry to hear, I hope you get it back!

    I hope it is found.

    Great blog Carl That boat is bound to turn up.

    unique boat; hopefully something pops up

    I can only hope someone is planning to surprise you by going through the boat and making it like new again. If not I hope the rotton SOB that took it gets what he deserves and the boat finds its way back to you. Welcome to the board BTW.

    Sad, messing with someone’s driftboat here in Montana is a hanging offense.
    Welcome Warmouth!! And I will keep my eyes peeled!! Maybe the dirty s.o.b.s will fall out of it and drown!!

    You are doing the right thing by posting it to fishermrn who will be on the rivers, who are particular about their boats. We’ll keep our eyes open for you, and hopefully be texting you a license plate photo of the durty basturd.

    Hey Carl, I’ll keep an eye out. I hate this happened. On a side note, I was in Auburn a few weeks ago and almost went back to Trinity Pres to visit.

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