Trinity Falls to HEARTS

This afternoon the Trinity Eagles faced seven time division 1 national champions HEARTS from North Olmstead Ohio in what would prove to be the most challenging game of the season. The HEARTS struck early in the first half with a goal which was answered in the same half with one from Sam Schuessler. TCS goallie Trevvor Vordenbaum did an outstanding job of defending the Eagles goal as the Ohio team persistently tried to put another in the net. Early in the second half the HEARTS scored a hotly debated goal which led to a yellow card for one Trinity player as several players and fans contested, calling for an off-sides penalty. The off-sides penalty was not called and the HEARTS were up 2-1. Trinity continued to play well against a talented, aggressive, and persistent team which pitted 9 Ohio seniors against Trinity’s 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. Mid-way through the second half one of Trinity’s key players, Rick Hayley was taken out of the game with a broken arm and transported to a hospital in Chattanooga. Even without Rick, Trinity continued to persist but was unable to even up the score at the end of regulation play.

Shortly after the game an awards presentation was held. Two of Trinity’s players, Rick Hayley and Winston Durbin were awarded “All-Tournament” distinctions in the elite 8, and Trinity was presented the award for Best Sportsmanship and for 2nd place in the National Championship tournament. The team then joined together for photographs and to sing Happy Birthday to their head coach Dick Hayley.

Overall it was a week of great excitement, wonderful camaraderie, awesome soccer, prayer, Bible study, and generally good fun.

At about 9:00 PM CST Rick returned to the facility still groggy and with a cast on his arm. A few minutes later the entire HEARTS team burst into a chant of “Rick-y, Rick-y, Rick-y” and came into the bunk room to honor him.

Please congratulate the entire team, Dick Hayley and his family, Tony Johnson, Danny Johnson, and AD Roger Lien for an unbelievable 26-1-1 season.


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  1. geraldine warmmouth

    this is awesome, I have been following it all week. Congrats to all, an outstanding year!

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