Movie Night!

imgresPop some corn, put some Coke on ice, and grab a box of Junior Mints – it’s movie night!

The plot? Put four of the most brilliant minds of theology around a table to discuss Revelation Chapter 20. (Jim Hamilton, Doug Wilson, Sam Storms, and John Piper) So maybe An Evening of Eschatology is not as exciting to most people as LOTR, Star Wars, or Pirates of the Caribbean, but my goodness, it’s pretty darn exciting! I could watch this as many times as I have watched those epics. (And I may need to to get it all)

As Storms says towards the end of the video, “I think God is honored when we take this book seriously enough to do this; that we care about truth, that we believe there is objective, real truth here about what God is doing in history. And he says, ‘Wow, those guys care enough about my word, they believe it is inerrant, and infallible enough that they are willing to go toe to toe with each other in the love of Christ to try to arrive at some understanding'”.

Pre-Mil, Post-Mil. Au-Mil: Get your “last things” perspectives right here. A must see on Revelation.


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