“Therefore I pray thee, take thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, go in the field and hunt me venison”. Genesis 27:3

There are few places that I feel closer to God than in a tree stand. I know that there is no substitute for corporate worship in a church, with fellow believers, and yet there is nowhere else that really affords me the opportunity to be alone, quiet, with nowhere to go and nothing to do for hours on end. Add to that being surrounded by the beauty of God’s workmanship, and the anticipation of what he might bring within view, and it all adds up to the perfect opportunity for fellowship with God. I get some serious praying done while under  Autumn’s golden canopy of leaves, or while shivering during a frigid January morning. I am forever thankful that God gave this gift to man.

Over the past few years I have done 99% of my hunting with a bow, and more recently with traditional gear. I have derived enormous enjoyment from building wooden longbows, and handcrafting my own wooden arrows – including the shafts.

I have had the opportunity to write a few articles on hunting for various magazines and have gotten so much pleasure from hunting with good friends.

In this blog I will share some of my thoughts and experiences on hunting. To read more, please click on the navigtation buttons located on the right hand side of this blog.  I look forward to meeting fellow like-minded hunters.

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