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TCS Students Chosen for Poetry Anthology

Five of the Six TCS students whose poetry was recently published.

Six Trinity students, Brittany Nowell, Micah Weissinger, Michaela Meyers, Jackson Gunter, Catherine Patton, and Cassidy Nall, were published in the Fall 2011 edition of the Creative Communications poetry anthology. The 10th and 11th grade students submitted poems they had written for Miss Ballard’s British or American literature classes to the Creative Communications poetry contest. Their efforts were rewarded when the poems were accepted and published in the anthology. Miss Ballard received a copy of the book for free since more than five of her students were accepted. Trinity has had continual success with this program throughout the years, and she hopes that her students will enter the Spring competition as well.

Submitted by Elizabeth Patton, Student Writer


What’s Going On?

Students at Trinity are always busy whether they are learning to shoot arrows during P.E. or practicing for a band competition; more importantly, however, they are constantly exercising their minds and exploring the world through academic studies.  In Mrs. Rickles’s 4th grade class, for example, several students enthusiastically reported on their study of the history and legend surrounding the Trojan War.  For a science project, they found insects and brought them in for examination.  Now, the 4th graders are finding works of realistic fiction to read and report on.  Students are not the only ones excited about what’s going on at Trinity.  Mrs. Ingram, who teaches 4th – 8th grade Latin, is thrilled with the new Latin curriculum this year.  She explains that it is an even stronger program than it has been in years past; “It’s very exciting!” she says.  In Ms. Ballard’s British Literature class, the sophomores recently read selections from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  Now, the students together are writing what they call the “Opelika Tales,” a group of poetry based on the book’s prologue, which describes a group of people making a pilgrimage to Canterbury, England.  Each student has chosen a character or person found in today’s society, such as an actress or politician, and is writing a poem describing the person’s personality and reason for traveling to Opelika.  Other literature classes are also composing poetry relating to their subject.  The year has just gotten started, but already Trinity is showing its passion for engaged and thorough scholarship.

Contributed by Student Writer Elizabeth Patton