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The Silent Holocaust

Here is a short persuasive speech presented by Senior Anna Kenney on Feb.1 in Mrs. Mayfiled’s apologetics class.

The Silent Holocaust

            Day by day, minute by minute, precious lives are being cut short and are not even given the opportunity to breathe their first breath. Abortion has plagued the United State since 1973, with all thanks due to Roe v. Wade. This silent holocaust shall no longer remain silent.

For forty years now it has been legal to kill innocent unborn children, and one cannot begin to imagine the number of lives that have been taken in those forty years. What may seem like an easy way out of being responsible for another life, abortion produces serious moral and social concerns. With abortion come startling statistics. One out of three women have an abortion by the age of forty-five. Twenty-five percent of women who have an abortion say it is because they feel they are not ready for the responsibility. Out of the fifty states in America, twenty of them legalize abortion all the way until there is a possibility of the child sustaining life outside the womb. Although these statistics might seem shocking, they are only scratching the surface of this disgusting crime.

One of the most shocking cases personally, however, is the uncertainty of the value of children in this country under our current administration. As we all know, twenty children were murdered in a mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Our president was quick to blame this terrible act not so much on who killed the children but what he killed the children with. The current administration wants to ban guns because they have killed innocent lives and we must protect our children from these dangerous weapons. This same administration that wants to ban guns because they have killed children is the same administration that funds the killing of innocent children. I recently read that the amount of abortions in America each year is equivalent to one hundred and sixty-six Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings every single day. It is hard to trust a government that fights for something as they are killing what they are fighting for.

In the Affordable Healthcare Act it states that companies must supply their employees with contraceptives, and if they refuse to do so the companies will be indebted to the Federal Government for 1.3 million dollars. The famous arts and crafts store, Hobby Lobby, is one of these companies that have been denies to opt out of the Affordable Healthcare Act because they are not a religion affiliated company. However, the owners of Hobby Lobby are proclaimed and devout Christians and establish Christian principles throughout their company. Hobby Lobby is taking a stand against supplying their employees with abortion pills, and Christians should support and join their stand.

Why should Christians honor the sanctity of life? If one is wavering on whether life begins at conception, I strongly encourage reading David’s words in Psalm 139. In Psalm 127:3 we are reminded that children are a reward. When looking at a newborn baby I have a hard time understanding how one cannot see the beauty and purpose that is before their eyes. Our duty as Christians is to make the silent holocaust no longer silent.