Trinity Christian School

“We aim to graduate virtuous scholars who think clearly, listen carefully, discern wisely, reason persuasively, and articulate precisely – all with an eagerness to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

That is the vision statement of Trinity Christian School in Opelika, Alabama. More than that though that, TCS is an amazing place. It is definitely the very best option for parents who desire a Christ-Centered, academially challenging education for their kids. The faculty are gifted teachers who love their students and their areas of expertise. The students keep me in awe of the incredible things that they are able to accomplish, and the support of the families we partner with contributes to a loving, fun, and disciplined culture of the school.

Trinity’s pedagogy is based on the Classical approach.

Going beyond merely assimilating and restating facts, a classical model of education aims to teach values, truth and critical thinking. Widely used until the mid-20th century, this approach educated most of the great thinkers and artists of the Renaissance, Reformation, and early American historical periods.  A classical model also best respects the developmental stages of a child’s learning abilities, and seeks to build upon the natural stages of cognitive maturation.  The grammar stage involves the mastery of fundamentals and facts when elementary grade children naturally love to recite, sing, chant, and memorize.  The dialectic stage emphasizes critical thought and logic when middle school students naturally begin to question, challenge, and test things for themselves.  Finally, the rhetoric stage focuses on persuasive style and clear expression when young adults are becoming formidable forces in the expansion and enrichment of Christ’s Kingdom.

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